Claesz.Heda, Willem



Claesz.Heda, Willem

Willem Claesz Heda is one of the principal Dutch Baroque still life painters.

Early in his career Willem Claesz Heda produced some figure subjects, but nearly all of his known works are still life oil paintings, of which the earliest dated example is a "Vanitas" of 1621. Willem Claesz Heda's most characteristic works are restrained compositions of glass and metal vessels delicately arranged on a table with oysters, a half-peeled lemon, or other motifs that display his precise draftsmanship and his skill in imitating the varied qualities of different light-reflecting surfaces. Claesz Heda's color range is a subdued one of silvery grays, golden yellows, and browns, the naturalistic effects being achieved by accurate tone values.

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