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 Rembrandt Exhibition



An extensive exhibition of Rembrandt's oil paintings, drawings and etchings, juxtaposed with art works by the Dutch master's students, opened last Friday in a unique show that attempts to explore the genius behind one of the world's best known baroque artists.

The exhibition includes 277 artworks by Rembrandt van Rijn and his various understudies. Organised by Berlin museums, and the Museum Het Rembrandthuis (Rem­brandt House Museum) in Amsterdam , it is part of international celebrations, marking the artist's 400th birthday.

Scattered throughout the show, housed in the Gemaeldegalerie (Museum of Old Master Paintings) and the Museum of Prints and Drawings, are dozens of key works from Rembrandt's students. They are there to provide a point of' comparison with the works of the master and to highlight his work as a teacher. 

"We wondered why you were always supposed to separate the master Rembrandt and his students," said Peter- Klaus Schuster, general director of the Museum of Old Master Paintings . “Only when they are displayed together [are you able] to see who the master really is."

The exhibition reflects a major update on knowledge about the artist's pictures, as a result of efforts by the Rembrandt Research Project, which has spent decades trying to verify the authenticity of works attributed to the Dutch master.     

For example, of the Museum of Prints and Drawings' original 126 works attributed to Rembrandt, only 55 have been proven to stem from his hand, while the others are believed to have been done by students of his.

The artworks are split up into three sections, devoted to each of his various disciplines: Painting, drawing and prints. Most of them depict groups of people or individuals, a key element of Rembrandt's work.

"Rembrandt was mostly interested in painting people. How they laugh, how they cry. He painted life, so to speak," Schuster said. One of the highlights is a Rembrandt painting entitled Girl in a Picture Frame, which spent years in a private collection and was only recently donated to Warsaw 's Royal   Castle collection. It shows a girl leaning on a picture frame and wearing a large, black beret and a red dress.

"She has an exotic look and a mysterious presence," Schuster said. "I think that this girl will be the star of this show”.









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