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We are not the cheapest online reproduction gallery but we do offer the best quality. We have our own studio and over 80 years experience. We only employ trained and experienced Thai artists who use Windsor & Newton paint and carefully work on one painting at a time.

Recently, many other online galleries have started to sell cheap, badly-painted reproductions which are mass-produced by migrant laborers in ‘art factory’ sweatshops located in China . To confuse you, they call these reproductions ‘museum quality’. We receive many requests from disappointed customers to repair these cheap Chinese copies but unfortunately they are usually so badly painted that they are beyond repair – see the photos below to compare our quality with theirs.

The online galleries who sell these cheap copies will never openly admit they come from China because they rightly assume that you will question the quality. But here are some clues to help you spot a Chinese reseller. They always offer standard sizes, eg, 24 x 36”, 30 x 40” and never the original size or a size that maintains the aspect (length to height) ratio of the original. This means that they have to either cut details out of the original painting or add space to it, which means it is no longer a true copy of the original. Moreover, they are reluctant to send you a photo of the completed painting and you will need to request them to do so.  If you are in any doubt, send them an email and ask them specifically in which country your painting will be painted. If they reply China , then you can expect Chinese reseller ‘museum quality’.

Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Our Reproduction, $359 


 The Original

Chinese Reseller, $318 (Wrong color, lacks detail, brushtrokes rather than dots)
Klint: The Dancer
Our Reproduction, $289                                   The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality'*, $249 (Wrong size and color, lacks detail)
Renoir: On the Terrace
Our Reproduction, Original Size $349
The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality'*, $318 (Wrong color, lacks background detail)
Monet: Sunflowers
Our Reproduction, Original Size $349
The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality'*, $318 (Wrong shapes and color)
Van Gogh: Crows over the Wheat Field
Our Reproduction, $289
The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality'*, $249 (Wrong size and color, poor brushwork)
Klimt: Avenue in the Park Schloss Kammer
Our Reproduction, Original Size $429
The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality"*, $385 (Wrong size and color, lacks detail)
Renoir: Les Parapluries (the Umbrellas)
Our Reproduction, Original Size $309
The Original
Chinese Reseller 'Museum Quality'*, $259 (Wrong size, lacks detail and garish color)
*Their description, not ours!!!
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