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                                                                 July  2005

Bohemian Fine Art selling Monets for $275 rather than the usual $27.5 Million.  How do they do it?

Instead of hanging a lifeless poster of their favorite painting on their walls, art lovers can now buy a carefully hand painted reproduction painting of the great masters. A Rubens, a Rembrandt or a Renoir usually costs millions of dollars, far beyond the budget of most art lovers, but Bohemian Fine Art provides a solution by offering replicas of the priceless originals for as little as $275 through their extensive new online gallery. 

Bohemian Fine Art Co. Ltd has expanded out of an art restorers and dealership established over 80 years ago in Antwerp , Belgium by the Huisman brothers. Now based in the UK , the company specializes in creating hand painted reproductions of famous paintings. Spokesperson Victoria Baskerville explained that, ‘Customers often ask how we can create these beautiful art reproductions so cheaply when the originals cost so much. Our secret is that we now have a studio in Asia where costs are much lower. However, there is no compromise in quality as all our Asian artists go through a rigorous selection process and most have trained at western University art schools’.

The new online gallery has the widest selection of old master reproduction paintings available on the web. As well as buying a Mona Lisa, visitors can win a $100 voucher by correctly identifying a detail from a famous painting in the monthly ‘Spot-the-Masterpiece Competition’. Surfers can also vote for their favorite artist and find out who is the world’s most popular artist. 

You’ll find Bohemian Fine Art online at: <> < />
For more information, contact:
Christopher Kirrane
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