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Our talented artists are the key members of our staff. It has taken us several years to assemble our team and we are rightly proud of them. Each Bohemian artist holds at least a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree and several of them have higher degrees from US and European art schools. Before joining us they must take a difficult oil painting test which only a few, the most gifted, pass. They then undergo training in the Bohemian method of Fine Art reproduction which trains them in the techniques of the great masters. After extensive training they are apprenticed to a senior artist who supervises their work. Meet our artists.

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Our Studio Manager holds a BA Painting degree from the University of London and a Masters degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art. He previously worked as an art restorer in the Conservation department of the National Gallery. One of his main tasks is to scrupulously check the oil paintings to ensure that they are exact replicas. Fine Art reproduction oil paintings that do not meet his high standards are not shipped.

  Customer service
...Customer Service
Our friendly Customer Service team is always ready to help you and they are committed to maintaining the reputation they have achieved for exceeding customer expectations. Staff are based both in the UK and in  Asia, while we also maintain a small Regional Support Office in the US.

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